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We offer Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT) drops in addition to our Injectable Treatment Vials, which are now available for both environmental and food allergies. SLIT is non-invasive, home-based, and safe for all ages. Click here to learn how it works. 

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Our bodies respond differently to allergens; in fact, we often experience symptoms we don’t recognize as allergic reactions.  Sneezing, skin rashes, asthma, watery or itchy eyes and nose, and nasal congestion are perhaps the most obvious signs of a possible allergy; but less conventional indicators can include depression, palpitations, fatigue, joint pains, blood sugar, digestive problems, headaches, and auto-immune disorders.

Meet the Allergy Team!

Glenn S. Rothfeld, MD MAc

W. Alex Bingham, MD

Beth Galan, NP-C

Sophia DaRosa-Spillane, NP

Carolyn Gillespie, NP

Linda Cleary, PA

Ruth Cunniff, RN

Tara Rosa, LPN

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