• Katy Driscoll

Katy's Tip of the Week: An Easy and Affordable Trick to add Variety to Healthy Eating


When you’re trying to change your lifestyle, it’s easy to get stuck in a food rut. You’re putting all of your energy into staying on your new schedule or plan whether it’s learning to avoid allergens, or staying true to a challenging 30 day cleanse. For most people, the easiest way to do this is to stick with what you know. The issue is that after a little while you find yourself bored with your food selections, and that’s when it’s easy to start stumbling (cheat days).

I have a simple trick to keep your produce selections varied and affordable: Shop what is on sale! Most supermarkets change their specials weekly, so you will find yourself trying new fruits and vegetables each time you go food shopping. Seasonal produce is usually what’s on sale since markets bulk up on it while it’s at its peak, which means it’s tastiest, which is a nice added bonus!


At work I usually have a salad-based lunch, and fruit as a midafternoon snack. I did my lunch shopping earlier in the week and found asparagus, arugula, and radishes on sale. Those became the unlikely stars of my salads, and I ended up saving about 40% by shopping the sales. These early summer vegetables are at their seasonal peak right now and are so fresh and flavorful. My fruit selection was winding down so I went back to the store today and I was able to walk away from the usual apple/banana/orange trio in exchange for some great treats. A week’s worth of snacks that should have cost me $20.80 was only $9.51 which is 55% off.


Normally fruits like cherries and strawberries are “splurge” items, but right now they’re easy on the wallet and so incredibly delicious. Also, I’ve never had a champagne mango so I’m excited to try that. What will you find next week to spice up your routine??

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