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Allergy Team Member Spotlight: Beth Galan, NP

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Beth Galan, NP-C

Beth has worked in Integrative Medicine for over 35 years and has been a nurse on the staff at The Rothfeld Center since 2007. She is extremely experienced in the allergy field, and has worked in allergy testing and treatment since her early days assisting in her father's medical practice. She also treats a range of conditions, including bio-identical hormone therapy, autoimmune disease, adrenal fatigue, heavy metal toxicity, chronic fatigue syndrome, and thyroid ailments.

“I approach each patient as truly unique, and enjoy diving into the complexities of each individual’s health situation. I love helping people sort through what’s ailing them – and more than anything, I love helping people get their life back.”


What is something meaningful to you about what you do here at The Rothfeld Center?

Being a part of a team that makes changes in people’s lives.

What is your favorite recipe(s)?

Red Beans and Rice, Fajita marinade, gluten free Lemon Bars, and anything chocolate.

What do you like to do to relax?

Read novels and mysteries, go to the beach.

How do you stay healthy all year long?

Diet, exercise, supplements and Faith.

Is there a person/movie/book/etc. that inspires you?

My father is one of the pioneers of Integrative medicine. His willingness to look outside the box for answers in order to help people is a constant inspiration.

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