• Glenn Rothfeld, MD

Who Says no to Chocolate on Valentine's Day?: The Rothfeld Center's Featured Paleo Recipes

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Who says no to chocolate on Valentine’s Day? If you stay away from the processed, packaged, and sugar-filled chocolate, it can actually have some benefits to your health and taste just as good! Since dark chocolate contains more cocoa seed than milk chocolate, it has more antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The Ultimate Paleo Guide gives a great explanation of the different types of cocoa beans, as well as the health properties of dark chocolate.

For even more dark chocolate health secrets, you may want to check out Dr.Mercola's Blog.

There are so many paleo chocolate dessert recipes online that it's impossible to list them all, so to make it easier we have listed some our favorite reccommendations. Make sure you have some of these main ingredients close by before getting started!

cocoa powder, honey, coconut oil, coconut butter (or flakes)

If you dare to make your own from scratch, try Mommypatomus' Homemade Paleo Chocolate recipe.


PaleoHack has an amazing way of combining chocolate and coconut together in a mini truffle


Against All Grain makes it easier than ever to whip up some paleo carmel chocolates


...AND double chocolate icecream


Or for a soft and chewy treat, try PaleOMG's double chocolate cookies


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