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HALLOWEEN SWEETS AND TREATS: The Rothfeld Center's Featured Paleo Recipes

HOWDY And Happy Halloween From The Rothfeld Center!

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It IS possible to have a sweet, scary, and healthy Halloween! Everyone needs to indulge in sweets sometimes, and Halloween is just the perfect time to do so.

Many people assume that a Paleo diet (hence the word diet) means no sugary sweets, but whether you are a chocolate addict, a coconut junkie, or a fan of chewy candy, you will always be able to satisfy your sweet tooth with Paleo alternatives.

Don’t be afraid to ditch the prepackaged candy and try some of these delicious Paleo recipes this Halloween!

Paleo Ghost Truffles

From: Living Healthy With Chocolate

ghost truffles.png

Mock "Rolos"

From: Oh She Glows

mock rolos.png

"Less Junk" Homemade Candy Corn

From: Little Homesteaders

candy corn.png

Homemade Gummy Worms

From: The Earthy Mama


Banana Beet Brownies

From: Live Health Easy


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