• Glenn Rothfeld, MD

Fall Updates!: The Rothfeld Center Newsletter


What is in store this Fall at The Rothfeld Center?

Mark Your Calendars!

We will be offering IV’s on Saturday October 18th at our Waltham office!


We Are Now Offering Food Allergy Desensitizing

Dr. Bingham, MD has been revamping the allergy program here at The Rothfeld Center, which means we will now be offering food allergy desensitizing! Treat the CAUSE of your allergies, not just the SYMPTOMS. Keep your eye out for an Allergy Treatment Newsletter that will answer all your questions about food and environmental allergy testing and treatment!

The Blog is Back!


The Rothfeld Center’s Paleo Blog is back and tastier than ever! Look out for weekly Fall-inspired, Paleo Recipes to help transition you into Fall and keep you healthy and satisfied this season!

Flu Prevention!


Flu Season is coming up, and it is never too early to start prevention. Beginning in October, we will be offering:

HOMEOPATHIC FLU PELLETS: a safe, natural, sublingual treatment made from the flu strain identified each year by the World Health Organization. We recommend the use of pellets along with HOMEOPATHIC FLU INJECTIONS, for those who want to jump-start their immune system.

Call or ask the front desk if you would like to be added to the waiting list! More information regarding flu season is coming soon in our Flu Season Newsletter.



The Rothfeld Center has recently introduced Thermography to its practice. Thermography uses Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) in order to detect changes in skin surface temperature. DITI is a non-invasive procedure that involves no pain or radiation, and is able to detect and monitor a range or diseases and physical injuries. It can be used as an aid to diagnose a number of conditions including:

Back injuries, Arthritis, Headaches, Nerve Damage, Breast Cancer, Vascular Disease, Fibromyalgia, Unexplained Plain, RSD, Dental and TMJ, Referred Pain Syndrome, Sprain/Strain, Stroke Screening, Whiplash, and Digestive Disorders

One of the major benefits of DITI testing is its ability to seek early detection of breast disease more so than through self-examination, doctor examination, or solely a mammography.