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December 21, 2017

The holidays are here and that means cold and flu season is too. And there are ample opportunities to catch and share germs at work, school, and holiday gatherings.

As I am sure you’ve noticed, there are some brutal viruses going around right now.

Despite precautions, sometimes it seems unavoidable that you’ll catch what’s going around. Perhaps you work with children or you have kids or grandkids who like to use you as their personal tissue. Maybe you are immuno-compromised at the moment, or j...

November 17, 2015


As the winter months approach, the days get colder, the sun sets earlier, and many of us in New England become increasingly sad and anxious.  Though this seasonal downturn in mood is incredibly common and may seem inevitable, it can be improved or avoided in several ways.


1. Stay active – The mood boosting effects of exercise are well documented, and several studies have found that winter depression improves in response to it. In one such study of 135 men and women, both weight training and...

January 15, 2015

If you think that eating local and seasonal stops once the winter rolls around, you’re wrong! Farmers and gardeners use hoop houses and other methods to grow and store winter fruits and vegetables. Eating local is not only healthier and safer, but it has less environmental impact, helps support local communities, and makes it easier to eat seasonal produce. Here is a list of some of the healthiest cold-weather foods. We have done all the work for you and found the easiest and tastiest Paleo...

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